Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Arcade Sound Quiz (Awww Cute)

I have always been amazed at the unique sounds and catchy music that designers and engineers in the early videogame industry were able to put in that first generation of quarter-eaters.

So, here's the first in a small series of videogame sound effect quizzes where you too can marvel at their genius.

A clue for this quiz -- all of these games share a common theme.

They all have protagonists that are so cute your mom would pinch your cheeks if she saw you playing them.

Click on the "Awww Cute" links to hear the sweet, sweet sounds.

Awww Cute 1
Awww Cute 2
Awww Cute 3
Awww Cute 4
Awww Cute 5

Just post yer answers in the Comments section. If anyone gets stumped, I'll grudgingly give out some clues.

The first person who gets all the answers right wins a SPACESHIP TRIP TO THE MOON!

Assuming nobody gets hurt here, the next quiz will focus on driving games.

UPDATE: Answers to this quiz have been posted here


Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Man, these were great to listen to. I'm amazed at what the composers were able to do with such monophonic instruments. But, the only one I knew was Q-Bert, easily the easiest one.

Joe said...

They all sound vaguely familiar, but I couldn't name a single one of them. They do, however, remind me of the noises a video poker or slot machine makes when you put your money in, and now I'm jonesing for a casino visit.

Coaster Punchman said...

I rebelled against the quarter-eaters. Every now and again I'd go to an arcade with a friend and think "look at all these kids wasting their money!" Crochety even at 15. Good times.

Splotchy said...

tim, there is so much beauty in the sounds and music in videogames, it gives me the warm-and-fuzzies.

bubs, perhaps I can cure that jonesing you're having for Vegas with these three words. WHEEL... OF.... FORTUNE!!!! Those words were like a a red hot poker in my ear every time I heard it on a casino floor.

CP, well, to be truthful, I was wasting my folks' money. But the time I was wasting was all my own.

Evil Genius said...

My guesses:

1. The greatest game of all time: Donkey Kong
2. Frogger
3. Dig Dug
4. It is killing me that I can't get this one, so I am just going to give a shout-out to Joust.
5. Q-Bert as previously stated.

Splotchy said...

Very good, eg!

These quizzes are much harder than one would think.

Answer to #4 is here.

Logan said...

1: Donkey Kong 2:Frogger 3:Dig Dug 4:Burgertime 5:Q*bert