Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lost Season 4 Spoilers

1. Everyone (excepting Sawyer) grows a full beard.

2. More structures are uncovered on the island.
Among them:
a) A Denny's
b) A used car dealership used by the Others to practice infiltrating the castaways' ranks.
c) A Wrestledome containing the dessicated corpses of Dick The Bruiser and the Von Erich Brothers.

3. The mysterious Other Mikhail not only survives, but appears dressed as Shirley Temple and speaks in a thick Cajun accent.

4. The show sucks twice as much as it did in Season 3, which sucked twice as much as Season 2, which sucked twice as much as Season 1.


Anonymous said...

well someones a complet looser *points at you* leave the show alone man, just coz you dont like it

Splotchy said...


I make fun because I like the show but I find it kind of infuriating. I think a lot of people feel the same way.

I posted these things mostly because I was so irritated at the Season 3 finale.

Actually, I thought I was going kinda easy on it.