Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Lyrics You Don't Want, Vol. 1

Hey, lyrics just happen to me, man.

Like this one, that flew out of my head this morning like a wet booger.

Like Oral Roberts
Or Roberts Blossom
Like the swarthy guy from Hostel
Playin' possum


Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Those sound a little like potential lyrics for a parody I'm writing of Living Color's song "Cult of Personality". Perhaps we could collaborate on the thing?

PS - Unless it's reserved for you alone, that lyrics-like-a-wet-booger talent of yours will also come in handy when we finally finish that rap song of ours, which I believe we titled "Tha Spool".

Cup said...

I'd buy that record!

Splotchy said...

beth, years ago timdrussell and I recorded a song parody of R.E.M. called "Duck Bill M" which actually turned out quite nicely.

If'n you want, I can upload it at some point in the near future.