Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Cicadas Are Here!


Johnny Yen said...

Instead of "Bugs" did he mean "Bubs?" 'Cause we're all missin' our Bubs.

lulu said...

I haven't seen a single one yet. I feel ripped off.

Splotchy said...

I would go to your favorite park, lay down in the grass and start rolling around.

You're sure to hit at least a couple.

Joe said...

Ours haven't surfaced yet. I was out looking today.

I'm getting up extra early Thursday morning to see if they've emerged. If I can grab a few I'm going to cook them and eat them.

Splotchy said...

How are you gonna cook them?

Fry 'em in oil?

I read somewhere that they taste like potatoes with a hint of clam.

Joe said...

I heard a slight almond taste, but texture like new potatoes.

The most promising recipe I have is to scoop up a bunch of em, soak them in Worcestershire sauce for a few hours, then dip them in egg and flour and saute. This only works with the newly hatched nymphs though, the soft-shelled ones. Can't do it with the big crispy adults.

Splotchy said...

What can't Worcestershire sauce do?

In theory, I would be willing to try one of those.

jin said...

I was going to *tease* you guys about chocolate covered cicadas...ummmm.....and then I googled...I was jincredibly surprised with what I came up with:

"German Chocolate Cicada Cake"
(I will NOT be making this, btw :-P)
Click here and scroll about halfway down.

Haha...it even tells you to only use the females!!! What's that about?!

Joe said...

Jin, that's because the males have hollow abdomens, there's not as much cicada meat.

The ideal eating cicada though is the soft-shelled, newly emerged nymphs. Those guys you can just cook up whole, no crunchy parts to remove. Even if you use adult females, you have to remove wings, etc.