Thursday, May 17, 2007

Arcade Quiz Answers (He's Got A Gun!)

Answers for the third(!) quiz!

For heaven's sakes, don't look at the answers before you sample the questions.

Gun 1 - Berzerk

One of the first games to use voice synthesis. Definitely the first game to use voice synthesis to say "Chicken! Fight like a robot!"

Gun 2 - Wizard Of Wor

What, you say this game is visually similar to Gorf? Why, how observant of you. It was created by the same company, after all.

Gun 3 - Elevator Action

I know, I know, it don't look like much. But this game is awesome with a capital 'awe'. Take a look at me killing a guy with my ass. Suh-weet!

Gun 4 - Rolling Thunder

A very enjoyable game. Lots of jumping, hopping through stacks of tires, going in and out of doors, and, above all, killing people with your gun.

Gun 5 - Narc

A pretty darned violent game. The bad guys spew blood as you fill them with hot lead. You can also cause a shower of body parts with a shot from your trusty rocket launcher. You can even shoot vicious dogs!

I'm guessing that the background visuals in this game originated from pictures taken in and around the Chicago area, though the game designers played a little fast and loose with the pictures once they were digitized.

Note the background in the picture is the Addison stop of the Red Line. This is the stop right next to Wrigley Field, and, unlike how it is portrayed in the game, is not an underground stop.

Another little thing to note --

see how the Addison sign says "B Station" -- the Red Line used to have "A" and "B" trains and "A" and "B" stops, supposedly to improve the speed of the train service. This was discontinued about a decade ago.

Next (and potentially last) quiz... mano-a-mano!

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