Monday, June 25, 2007

An End To Another Cicadian Rhythm

Not much going on lately in Brookfield, cicada-related at least.

The noise has settled down to what one might hear on a normal summer day. The bugs that used to be flying around are now corpses on the ground.

All in all, this emergence was (for me) unexpected, kind of gross, and pretty cool. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Oh, a side note -- my post is punning on Circadian rhythms, a term I learned in a converation a while back with Bubs, in regards to how he had lost his due to working crazy hours.

Here's some other Rhythms that haven't entered the common lexicon as of yet.

Chicletian Rhythm - The amount of time it takes to chew a piece of Chiclets gum before it becomes stale and you have to add another piece.

Cardassian Rhythm - Some Star Trek backstory alien race mating-ritual nonsense that I presume exists, and that probably already has a series of fan websites devoted to it (but I am not willing to look for).

Serjtankian Rhythm - The amount of time elapsing between the hearing of a song by System of a Down.


Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Well, speaking as a Trekkie, I would have the Cardassian Rhythm be the time between instances Major Kira gripes, "Dukat!" (You will just have to take my word that that is funny.)

Splotchy said...

I defer to your nerdy knowledge, tim.