Friday, June 15, 2007

The Road Warrior, The Musical

I had this fantastic idea on the train today. Many non-musical movies have been adapted into musicals in recent years.

It occurred to me that one of my favorite movies could be easily turned into a really fantastic musical.

The Road Warrior!

I like this idea enough that this will be an ongoing project of mine.
As I come up with a song, I'll post the lyrics.

Completed Songs:

"Presenting The Lord Humungus"
Sung by: Toady
Description: Introduces the Humungus character to the people of the oil-producing village.

He's the Ayatollah
Of rock-and-rolla
Tastier than fizzy cola
Who, you ask? I thought I tol' ya.

He's the Lord Humungus
The greatest one among us

He's got wisdom
He's got grace
He's got a hockey mask
On his face

You should listen to what he's sayin'
He's sick of all your tired delayin'
And if you don't stop disobeyin'
There'll be more than oil you're payin'

So put away your pens and crayons...

[the Feral Kid's boomerang flies in and chops off his fingers]


More songs:

Just A Boy

You Talk To Me

Snake In The Sand

Max's Overture

Just Walk Away

Check back periodically, as I don't know when inspiration will strike me to create some more songs.


Johnny Yen said...

My wife was commenting on some really bad idea for a musical-- it escapes me at the moment-- and it sank without a trace. The Road Warrior could hardly have done worse.

The Road Warrior is one of my favorite movies!

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

It'd be funny to hear The Lord Humungus singing his "just walk away" lines.

Cup said...

You're this generation's Andrew Lloyd Webber — without all that wussy crap.

Splotchy said...

jy, this movie makes me all giddy like a schoolgirl I love it so much.

tim, that's a perfect song for him. It captures both his forcefulness and vulnerability.

beth, would you still say I wasn't wussy if I told you I was considering staging this entire musical production on ice?

Dick Jones said...

This is a great idea. If you can pull this off maybe we could get together and do Robocop the musical.