Thursday, June 14, 2007

Knee Crap On Equals No Parking Backwards

In my stupid driving game I just posted about, I included a few sound samples of me phonetically sounding out some street signs backwards.

Now, just because I'm reading them backwards certainly doesn't mean that if you reverse the sound files, that they will be recognizably reciting the signage text.

Still, I was curious. I thought there was a good chance that my "Pots" sound sample played backwards would sound like "Stop", seeing as I didn't change the 'o' vowel sound or the consonants, and it was only one syllable.

Sure enough, it does sound quite a bit like "Stop", although the 'p' sound ends a bit abruptly.

Click here for my reversed "Stop" re-reversed.

So, I gave a listen to the other sound files as well. For the most part, reversing the other sound samples (including No Parking) produced gibberish.

However, I was shocked to discover that my reversing of the words "No Parking" (I recited them as "Knee Crap On") sounded quite strikingly like "No Parking".

Click here to hear my reversing of the words "No Parking" re-reversed.

Weird, huh?


jin said...

you sound tres French!

Splotchy said...

You just made me have a scary thought.

Maybe there is no French language.

Maybe it's just a large group of snooty people talking backwards.