Monday, June 4, 2007

A Great Role For Peter Bogdanovich

I have this great role for Peter Bogdanovich in a low-budget slasher movie.

It goes like this...

He plays an insufferable film director who can't stop name-dropping other famous directors he has met.

Just as he launches into a story about how he once refereed a ping pong game between Orson Welles and John Ford in a chateau off the French Riviera, the killer sneaks up from behind and strangles him with his own ascot.


Cup said...

Does he die with that smug look on his face?

Splotchy said...

Believe it or not, his smugness becomes even more exaggerated in the throes of death.

Johnny Yen said...

He had a cameo on The Sopranos last night (I saw his name in the credits).

Can someone please tell Mr. Bogdanovich that his 15 minutes are long up? And tell Madonna, too, while they're at it?

My favorite movie of his is Targets, which was Boris Karloff's movie.

Splotchy said...

Yeah, he has a recurring role as the therapist to Dr. Melfi (Lorraine Bracco).

Targets is great, except for the fact that Peter Bogdanovich has an acting role in it as an insufferable director, and is not shot by the sniper.

A friend of mine worked on a TV movie he directed several years ago -- To Sir With Love 2. How the haughty have fallen.

Johnny Yen said...

My wife mentioned that-- she watches it regularly. At least for another week.

I didn't realize that he directed that. I have seen it, but on a big screen, believe it or not; when I taught seventh grade on the west side, we had a Saturday field trip to see that one at a theater. It was definitely in the "they shouldn't have done a sequel" category.

lulu said...

He looks very moist.

Splotchy said...

lulu, just like snakes, Bogdanovich looks slimy, but to the touch is quite dry.

Assuming you'd wish to touch him, of course.