Friday, June 22, 2007

Is it Elvises or Elvii?

Elvis #1 - "That's All Right"

Elvis #2 - "Radio, Radio"


Unknown said...

sadly, it's elven.

Dale said...

One of my all time favourite SNL moments. Thanks Splotchy!

Joe said...

Elvises, just like breastuhses.

I remember watching that Elvis Costello appearance with my mom, who thought it was Andy Kaufman goofing around

Splotchy said...

allen, that gives me a great idea for a Elvis impersonator supergroup -- "The Elven Eleven"

dale, you're welcome! It's one of mine too.

bubs, I guess I could see how your mom was thinking that, 'cause Kaufman was doing a mean Elvis P. impression around that time, and maybe thought anything Elvis-related on SNL would be tied to Kaufman.

Ah, breastuhses. The spelling and sound of that is so great, it should really replace "breasts" -- it's a lot better word.