Tuesday, June 5, 2007

YouTube As An Interesting Blog Detector

Thought I'd share what I've found to be a nice way of finding people with similar interests to my own. I'm not talking about finding ideological and aesthetic clones of myself (though wouldn't that be peachy?), but rather people having similar eclectic tastes that might turn me onto new stuff, and who also might appreciate getting turned onto new stuff I might suggest.

YouTube at this point is a pretty nice warehouse for interesting video clips of questionable legality, and has the capability of acting as a connector for people interested in the same topics.

Let's say you're looking on YouTube for a clip of something you're interested in -- experimental filmmaker Standish Lawder's film Necrology, for example.

There is a "Links" link you can you click on to see who has linked to the video (Jesus Christ, can someone please find me a synonym for "link" already?).

This can provide an interesting gateway into blogs you know nothing about, but whose typists most likely have interests that overlap your own.

Hey, it looks like some "isplotchy" blog links to this video. Wow, I bet whoever is behind *that* blog is quite the interesting and sexy fellow.

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