Monday, June 25, 2007

L'il Train Vignette

This morning on my train car, the guitar intro to ACDC's "Back In Black" kicked in.

A late-middle-aged woman reached into her purse to pull out the cell phone that was producing the music.

As she sipped a box of juice (the kind normally seen in the hands of a toddler), she admonished her son over the phone for forgetting his basketball shoes.


lulu said...

My phone plays "I Want to be Sedated" and I get funny looks all the time when it goes off in public.

Splotchy said...

Nice ringtone!

Which part of the song do you use?

I'd be using the "Ba-ba ba-ba ba-ba-bah-bah" part.

Splotchy said...

I think I left out a bah

GETkristiLOVE said...

That's great - what did she look like other than middle-aged?

I have certain songs play for certain people. For instance, when my boyfriend calls, my phone plays UB40's Red Red Wine (he has a wine collection) and when an ex-boyfriend calls, Puddle of Mudd plays She F*cking Hates Me. La-la-la-la!

Splotchy said...

She had shoulder-length blondish hair, and was wearing a tasteful blouse with a dress. She wasn't someone I was expecting to be "Back In Black", but that's just me being presumptuous.

That's cool that you can customize the ringtones based on who's calling you. I think I'd make anyone who regularly calls me record their own voice for me to use as a ringtone, saying ... "Hey, I'm calling you on the phone.. Pick up... Pick up, pleeeeaase."