Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Very, Very Stupid Driving Game

Here's a game that I came up with during a dull car ride years ago, when I was bored out of my skull.

My brother and I cackle like monkeys on nitrous oxide when we get on a roll with this game. For lack of better words, I'll call this the Stupid Backwards Sign Reading Game.


Okay, here's the game.

Read any signs you see backwards, pronouncing them how you think they would sound phonetically. So, if you saw a stop sign, you'd pronounce it as "Pots". It's a nice touch to speak as if your voice is being played backwards.

I like to read the signs from top to bottom, right to left. The right-to-left reading naturally feeds into the backwards reading and speaking. Trust me.

There really is no concept of winning in this game. It's all about the fun and stupidity.

Games are best played in an urban setting, where there is a lot of signage.

To get a really good game going, the people playing should be passengers rather than driving the car, as it will take a lot of concentration.

Here's the ideal configuration (assuming you have a four-seater car):

Note that the driver is perturbed, but not enough to end the game that the front and rear right passengers are enjoying. It's nice to have the players on the same side of the car, so each can see what sign the other is attempting to read backwards.

And as for Mister Fussypants in the back left seat, who you're driving insane with your dumbass backwards pronunciations and chuckling? Well, who gives a damn what he thinks, right?


Click here for a sample of how you would say this during the game.

Okay, that was easy. How about this one?
Click here for the sound.

Oh, so we're getting cocky, are we? Try this, ya smartass:

Click here if you dare.

Happy Driving And/Or Gaming!


Tanya Espanya said...

My older siblings used to do this backwards talking thing when I was a kid, but I wasn't always allowed to participate (because I was a crummy little kid and not a teen)...

Some that I remember them saying:

*Detibihorp gnikoms

*Stun stun rof sohctun (nutchos were/are chocolatey things like a very lumpy Turtle)



Splotchy said...

Man, what jerks they were for not letting you play.

Still, they came up with some doozies. I'm partial to the last two.

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

So much more intellectual than Slug Bug. That's a good thing.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Yhctolps emag taerg!

shmool said...

G*ddamn that was a fun car game. And the furious rear passenger definitely boosts the whole humorous effect. Deeps timil!

jin said...

I can not even comprehend trying this.
My mind does not cooperate with my mouth in that way.
*twitch twitch*

Joe said...

Not to be technical, but shouldn't "One Way" be pronounced

Yaw eno? instead of "eno yaw"?

Splotchy said...

Either way is fine.

Though, when signs start to get more complicated, I tend to read from top-to-bottom, right-to-left.

Going with that convention and the picture of the one way sign I included, it'd be "Eno Yaw".

But it's really just a goofy game that annoys 95% of humanity, so the remaining 5% can pretty much play it however they damn well want.