Friday, October 26, 2007

Good Night, Doodle

Okay, I've been spending entirely too much time assembling the last volume of the Monkey Mix.

Time for bed.

When I wake up, perhaps someone will have left a comment with a doodle picture idea for me.


My condolences to Cat for working late into the night, but this time there *is* a positive side. Here is your zombie space cowboy.


Catherine said...

YES! I knew this stupid project keeping me up all night would come in handy. I vote for Zombie Space Cowboy!

Evil Genius said...

Why do I always get here second?

Catherine said...

Awesome! He looks sad though. not sure why anyone would be sad being a zombie, let alone a space cowboy zombie.

Splotchy said...

evil g, maybe you are more evil than genius.

cat, everyone knows that zombies are the saddest monster.