Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Warriors, Would You Mind Stepping Outside, And Join Us In A Friendly Game?

For those unfamiliar with my adopted actor's first movie:


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Hey man, I loved your idea about adopting actors. I adopted Indian Asian actress Archie Panjabi. I gave you full credit for the idea on my blog.

Anonymous said...

David Patrick Kelly! Oh how his first character still haunts me. Even today, at my advanced and should know better age, I still put water bottles on my fingers and clank them together saying "Warriors, come out and playaayayaya..."

My children really wish I'd never seen that movie.

Splotchy said...

doctor MvM, I am not familiar with Ms. Panjabi. I look forward to learning more and more about her as a result of your adoption! I have heard that Beckham movie is entertaining -- I'll haveta check it out. Thanks so much for adopting!

dcup, I fully support your reenactment! When your children bring any dates home to meet you, the Warriors bit should be the first thing out of your mouth. Likewise, if and when your kids get married, start out your wedding toast to them the same way.

kelsi said...

i discovered your idea by way of doc monkey, and i credited both of you - him for introducing me, you for creation.
and dpk was a seriously excellent choice. seriously.

Splotchy said...

kelsi, congratulations on your adoption!

thanks for the compliment on dpk. A truly underrated actor, in my humble opinion.