Monday, August 13, 2007

Going Cold Turkey On Soda

I mentioned in a comment on a Monkey Muck post that I was going to quit the soda (that's what we call sugary, carbonated beverages from where I come from, not like the hep Chicagoans who call it "pop"). This is being done in solidarity with the dietary sacrifices being made by Doctor Monkey Von Monkerstein and SamuraiFrog.

This is the first day -- you didn't expect me to stay away from it during the Illinois State Fair, did you?! So far, one lunch without a Coke.

Making a public pronouncement like this to the three people who read my blog (that's including me) will really help me keep to my promise.

I'm lucky in that probably my favorite drink is ice water. Yes, ice water. Delicious, delicious ice water.

Now if I can just stop the glue-huffing and chewing the asbestos gum, I'll be feeling pretty good.


Cup said...

I'm trying to give up cokes (as we call 'em here in Atlanta) myself. Clutching a cold bottle of Dasani right now. I'll be healthy by Halloween.

Chris Hinrichs said...

I did this over two years ago. Cold turkey, just like you. It was a bitch at first, but I'm glad I did. I used to drink Coke (not diet) all day at work and then sometimes after work. I haven't touched it since. It wasn't so much for the health reasons, but just that I didn't want Coke to get so much money from me. I know they have their tentacles in all sorts of other products, but at least I eliminated this one.

Good luck!

J.D. said...

(while holding a large McDonalds vanilla shake)) uh...

It's soda. Pop makes sound dangerous, instead of unhealthy.

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

I'll never give up pop. But I will support you as you give this tool of the devil the heave ho.

Good luck, Splotchy!

Dystopia said...

Good luck with that!

A guy I worked with, years ago, was very overweight. He dropped his first 20 or so pounds by stopping his intake of soda, which was like 2 or 3 2-liter bottles per day.

Splotchy said...

Thanks a lot for all your encouragement, though I realize neither I nor my feeble undertaking deserve any of your kind words.

Still, thanks.

beth, if you need a sponsor, lemme know.

chris, good for you! Just drink Fruitopia. It's healthier.

j.d., mmmmm... vanilla shake.

flannery a, I'll be praying for your soul.

dystopia, WOW. And I thought *I* had a problem. 4-6 liters per day? That's insane.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Mmmmm, glue huffing. Maybe I'll start that now.

Distributorcap said...

drink one can of diet dr pepper --- you will give up soda in a minute

Splotchy said...

dr mvm, let's race to see who can destroy brain cells the fastest. No cheating!!!

dc, I have heard you can wean yourself off soda with a can of Mr. Pibb, too.

SamuraiFrog said...

Good luck, Splotchy! It's been hard for me, but I'm addicted to caffeine. Still, I'm really doing it. Luckily, my favorite drink is also water. Plain room-temperature out of a plastic bottle water.