Friday, August 31, 2007

Announcing The Next Two Green Monkey Mixes

I now give you the the rules for Volume 4 and 5 of the Green Monkey Music Project.

Volume 4 will be called, What's In A Word?

What's In A Word? is a mix that once again has a rather simple rule to follow. All songs submitted must have a title consisting of only one word. The word can't be a proper noun (a person's name, a place -- if it has a capital letter, it's a no-no).

When in doubt, use the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary. If it can't be found there, it's not allowed. Hey, I'd love to use Neil Young's "Powderfinger" and Yo La Tengo's "Sugarcube", but they're just not words you find in a dictionary (well, this particular one, at least).

I also want to give you the rules of Volume 5, because I don't someone missing out on Volume 4 and automatically sign up for the next volume without knowing what they are getting into. Volume 5 will require participants to be at least a little versed in music of a more international flavor.

Volume 5 is called No Speak English. Songs for this mix must have some kind of vocals in them. Whatever singing or speaking there is in the song, it can't be in English.

I'm not doing these mixes concurrently. You can sign up for Volume 5, and once I finalize the participants, you can submit your songs, but just be aware that I'm not going to get to it until Volume 4 is published.

Volume 4 will have five participants, but with me in the mix, that only leaves four open slots. Allen L. and Anandamide expressed interest in joining the next mix, so I'm holding two openings for them at the moment.

Volume 5 will have up to five participants as well -- all four slots are open.

After these two volumes, I think I'll take a break for a couple weeks on these mixes. But fear not, there will be a nice holiday-themed mix coming up in late September!


We have our participants for Volume 4, "What's In A Word?"!

Allen L.!

Participants, please add a comment to this post indicating your song choices (w/artist). Please provide no less than five songs, and no more than eight.

We also have our participants for Volume 5!


Volume 5 participants, please feel free to leave your choices as a comment as well. No pressure, though -- like I said, I'm not starting on putting together Volume 5 until Volume 4 is published and available for download.

Thanks everyone for your participation!


Some Guy said...

I'd be interested in the No English one, but I realize I already had a shot and would defer to those who want to that haven't participated yet.

anandamide said...

ok, i'll take on volume 4. i'll e-mail you for details....

dguzman said...

Oooh, can I play?

Bridges - Tracy Chapman
Ghost - Indigo Girls
Paradise - Sade
Dilate - Ani DiFranco
Vacation - The Go-Go's
Stay - Alison Krauss & Union Station
One - U2
Criminal - Fiona Apple
Kid - Pretenders
Tenderly - as performed by Natalie Cole

Splotchy said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

We haveta get all the participants before we start bandying about our song choices.

I'll put you down for Volume 4, d.
Only eight songs allowed, though.

Splotchy said...

Ah, what the hell, anandamide, just post your song choices as a comment as well.

d, please whittle down your list to 8 songs.

Allen Lulu said...

I'm in, how many tunes?

Cup said...

Waiving hand for Vol. 4!

Splotchy said...

8 songs.

beth, okay!

Cup said...

But I'll try to be gracious like Chris; if you have lots of newbies asking to play, I can wait.

Evil Genius said...

Can I put in for Vol 6?

Splotchy said...

evil g, you don't want to take a stab at Volume 5?

beth, it's too late. You're in for Volume 4, and Chris is in for Volume 5.

Splotchy said...

Here's my tracks (hope I didn't take track #3 from you, beth!).

01 - Luna - Slide
02 - Frank Black - Headache
03 - B-52's - Roam
04 - Brazilian Girls - Pussy
05 - Suicide - Girl
06 - Radiohead - Optimistic
07 - Handsome Family - Stalled
08 - The Kinks - Brainwashed

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sign me up for whatever Volume 8 is going to be.

Splotchy said...

dr mvm, you'll get nothing and LIKE IT!

Manx said...

I'd like to take a stab and a swing at Vol. 5. Let me know if you're down with this tip. Word.

Distributorcap said...

it is like the primaries, not-Jenna has already thrown her hat (or rather scotch bottle) into the ring for 2020

can volume 7 come before volume 6 ---

vol 5 is too hard for this mono-lingual person.

Splotchy said...

manx, you are now a participant in Volume 5!

dc, you're just going to have to wait for the sugary goodness of Volumes 6 and 7.

And yes, they will be awesome.

J.D. said...

I don't know if I want to join, but just a question: Is there a mandatory break time between mixes for people who've done them?

Splotchy said...

I dunno, j.d.

Talk to the green monkey what controls my brain.

Splotchy said...

For participants of Volume 4, it's not a rule or anything to form a narrative with your song choices (mix tapes are usually more about the flow of one song to another), but you may find yourself drawn to order them in a certain way (well, *I* felt a pull in that direction, anyway).

When I was choosing my songs it was almost like I was constructing a sentence.

My song choices sentence turned out rather creepy --

"Slide Headache Roam Pussy Girl Optimistic Stalled Brainwashed"


SamuraiFrog said...

I wouldn't mind standing in for volume 5, unless you think it's too soon and someone else wants to do it, too.

Splotchy said...

Nah, that's cool.

I was worried I wouldn't get enough people for Volume 5. I'll add you on. Just one more slot to fill!

PJ said...

I'd like to take part in volume 5, if I may.

Evil Genius said...

I am really sad I missed out on Vol 3. That is one of my specialties. back in the days of mix tapes it was always handy to have a short track to fill up space at the end of side one. I have been dealing with some time travel issues lately, so I am technically not even around to participate in Vol. 5.

anandamide said...

OK Here's my volume 4 choices:
Cars - Gary Numan
Anxious - The Housemartins
Friction - Television
Waterfall - The Stone Roses
Poet - Sly and the Family Stone
Sloth - Fairport Convention
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Rumors - Gregory Isaccs

GETkristiLOVE said...

I want to be in on volume 18 - that's my hockey number! Or, can I be on the same one with Evil Genius? Because I'm not going to be around for a while either - gotta wrap up the house soon and move and all that but would like to participate at some point.

Allen Lulu said...

Loved the theme idea. After I chose, the order just fell into place"
Stop! - Against Me!
Boring - The Pierces
Fuel - Ani Difranco
War - Edwin Starr
Happy - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
Envious - The Hellacopters
Oceans - Paper Sun
Hail - The Piper Downs

Splotchy said...

Okay, PJ, you're in for Volume 5.

Splotchy said...

anandamide, cool selections! I almost picked "Glory" by Television. "Superstition" was also under consideration. "Cars" is a favorite of mine, and you can't go wrong with anything off the first Stone Roses album. Looking forward to hearing the rest of your choices, which I am unfamiliar with!

Allen L., I have not heard *any* of those songs! Looking forward to getting acquainted with them.

DGuzman, I've only heard two of your choices -- please drop the two you can live without, to give a total of eight.

Allen Lulu said...

F me. My version of "Hail" is crap. A corrupted mp3 and I have no way of getting a new one.

I hereby change my last song entry to
Sly by the Cat Empire.

You will mp3s shortly.

Dale said...

Um, I'll play. Oh wait, I'm a dullard and should have been here earlier. Next time maybe.

BeckEye said...

You are too prolific a poster...I can never keep up! I always miss out on this fun stuff.

Splotchy said...

Allen L., I can most likely get all the songs. I only ask you for MP3's of them if I'm unable to get them myself.

Out of the last three mixes, I think I've only asked participants for a couple songs.

lulu said...

You know, some of us live on the other side of the world, with poor internet reception, and limited access. Can I book spaces in advance for every 4th or 5th mix? I really would like to play, but it's hard to do wen I am all they way over here.

PJ said...

Here are my Vol. 5 picks:

1. Ojos Así by Shakira
2. La Tortura by Shakira Feat. Alejandro Sanz
3. Habibe - Ya Nour El Ain by Amr Diab
4. La Bomba by Ricky Martin
5. Simarik by Tarkan
6. Makeda by Les Nubians
7. Unomathemba by Umoja

Distributorcap said...

splotch -- sign me up for Volume 6 (as long as it is not sponsored by K-Tel)

Cup said...

Just returning from the world of the Three-day Weekend. I'll have my list ready on Tuesday, Sir Splotch!

So excited I was chosen yet again. Does that mean I get double-monkey spanks on my birthday?

Splotchy said...

My choices for Volume 5:

01 - Lassie Singers - Hamburg
02 - Gilberto Gil - Sai Do Sereno
03 - Pugh Rogefeldt - Små Lätta Moln
04 - Michel Polnareff - Le Desert N'est Plus En Afrique
05 - Faust - Psalter
06 - Boubacar Traoré - Samba
07 - Tom Zé - Ui! (Voce Inventa)
08 - Ohio Express - Yummy Yummy Yummy (in Italian)

Cup said...

Here are my eight:

1. The B-52's: Topaz
2. David Bowie: Fashion
3. The Clash: Clampdown
4. Magnapop: Garden
5. Oasis: Hello
6. R.E.M.: Stumble
7. Sonic Youth: Incinerate
8. Squeeze: Tempted

Sorry for the holiday delay, sir.

The Idea Of Progress said...

Can I be slotted for the next one? I don't care what the theme is, I promise I will come through.

However, I don't know how to post mp3s...if someone tells me, I can do it.