Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We Have Two Gay Video Contest Winners!

Frank Sirmarco and SamuraiFrog have tied for first place in the Gayest Video Ever ™ contest!

It is my great honor to present each of them with The Schneider!

To collect your prize, please right-click on the image below and select "Save Image As...".

Congratulations to you both!

In the future, there may be discussions on the web and beyond as to the gayness of this video or that video, but the fourteen people who voted over these last two days spoke for the entire Internet. Nay, they spoke for the world.

This is *the* defining moment of gay video discussion. You voters are a part of history now, and will be enshrined forever in Wikipedia (at least until they block my IP address from making edits).

I'd like to thank everyone for participating, and humbly offer a Meaningless Cherry Award to each and every one of you as a token of my appreciation.


SamuraiFrog said...

Amazing! I thought for sure I was going down on my knees, but finally I have kissed the brass balls of victory!

Hey, wait, did that sound...?

anandamide said...

Damn, I missed the Schneider by 6 short hours.....