Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thank Ye Kindly

Hi, just wanted to give thanks to Becca and J.D. for displaying incredible generosity in bestowing the following upon me:

From what I have seen, people given such an award can then in turn award it to five other bloggers. If it's okay, I'm gonna put these in my goodie bag to give out later, as I have the vapors lately.

Thanks also to MC for this lovely l'il slice of Homeric heaven:

A possible award in YOUR future

How's about I whip up a suitable image for the winner of the informal gayest video ever contest, which is currently ongoing. Just be warned you have some fierce competition -- here as well as here (and there are some mighty gay video links in the comments section of these posts as well).

To Jess Wundrun specifically: I probably should have made up a Taint Award for you in recognition of your amazing performance in the Taint Wars -- if you still want one, I'll gladly make you a slightly disturbing one. Okay, maybe more than slightly disturbing.


J.D. said...

Ye welcome forthwith somewhat Magellan anti-climactic Tiddlywinks.

Freida Bee said...

I'm tardy and ready for some anti-climactivity.

I want to submit The Shat "singing" Rocket Man to your Splotchtest. It is my favorite video of late. If that makes me gay, so be it. If it makes me gayest, great.

Splotchy said...

freida bee, how can you call a sweaty, smoking Shatner interpreting the words of Bernie Taupin gay?!!

Jess Wundrun said...

Best not give me the taint award splotchy! But thanks for thinking of me.

Last week Princess Sparkle Pony put up a post about not finding the word "choad" in an online dictionary.

The urban dictionary gives the definition as a) a penis that is wider than it is long but also b) the perineum, or taint

I immediately thought of you