Saturday, August 25, 2007

Announcing The Next Green Monkey Mix - The Under 3

Hi, as we wipe the snot away from Volume 2, we find ourselves at Volume 3.

The first two volumes of the Green Monkey Music Project (GMMP) were interwoven with the subjective emotions of the participants.

In Volume 1, participants had to provide songs which completely absorbed their attention.

Volume 2 tied in to each participant's sense of the snotty.

The next two volumes of GMMP are going to enforce what I could call "physical" rules. In some ways these mixes are going to be much wider to interpretation by the participants.

Anyways, there's just one rule for the new mix, which I'm calling:


The rule? Each song of the mix must be under three minutes long.

In some ways, this gives the participants an incredible amount of power over their mix selections, the flow, or what I like to call, the "mix qi".

SamuraiFrog expressed an interest in joining the next mix, so I have a slot waiting for him if he's still game.

That leaves three open slots for this mix (they'll be a total of five, and I'll be participating). Each person can select up to 8 songs for inclusion.

Okay, thanks for playing, and looking forward to hearing some great music. Sign up via a comment on this post.


We have our participants! They are listed below in the order their songs will come in the mix:


Participants, please leave your song selections as comments on this blog when you come up with them. No more than eight songs, and they all have to be under three minutes. I'll add my tracks as a comment to this post as well.

Rock and roll and stuff!


J.D. said...

I wanna join! I wanna join!

Distributorcap said...

if you don't mind like totally gay songs ---- i can join!!!!

lulu said...

can I play?

SamuraiFrog said...

Woo hoo!

SamuraiFrog said...

Now, these can be just about anything under three minutes, right? I only ask because I'm making this up in my head right now, and I always like to be all over the place in styles.

anandamide said...

ok, i'm in.....

anandamide said...

oops, sorry, i thought there were 4 slots....

Splotchy said...

anandamide, if you s'wanna participate in the next one, I'll pencil you in.

Splotchy said...

sf, yeah, they can be anything, as long as they're under 3 minutes.

SamuraiFrog said...

Some of mine are a little obscure, so I can email you MP3s.

1. Todd Rundgren, "International Feel"
2. Scissor Sisters, "I Can't Decide"
3. Richard Thompson, "Oops! I Did It Again" (live)
4. The Zombies, "Summertime"
5. Django Reinhardt, "Swing Interpretation of the First Movement in D Minor by JS Bach"
6. JoJo, "Times Like These" (live)
7. Adam and the Ants, "Jolly Roger"
8. David Bowie, "Bombers"

Distributorcap said...

i clocked them out --- i hope i stayed within the time limit

1. Eric Clapton "After Midnight" 2:53
2. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell "You're All I Need To Get By" 2:50
3. Canned Heat "Going Up The Country" 2:49
4. Aretha Franklin "You Make Feel Like A Natural Woman" 2:47
5. The Crystals "Then He Kissed Me" 2:38 (just because i love Goodfellas)
6. Joni Mitchell "Chelsea Morning" 2:31 (for some reason I couldn't find her recording of "Jenna Morning")
7. Jan & Dean "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena" 2:24
8. The Turtles "It Ain't Me Babe" 2:08 (ok I couldn't confirm the Bob Dylan original was under 3:00)

lulu said...

The 4th of July~~Blue Meanies
Buddy Holly~~Weezer
Too Drunk To Fuck~~Dead Kennedys
If I Should Fall From Grace With God~~The Pogues
Creepy Jackalope Eye~~Supersuckers
Get It While You Can ~~The Dirtbombs
I'm So Happy When I'm Hated~~Traitors
Dinner For Two~~Dearhoof

Splotchy said...

Boy, it was fun not being the first person to select the songs this time!

My choices were definitely affected by the other participants.

Here's my selections:

01 - Wire - It's So Obvious (0:53)
02 - Pere Ubu - I Will Wait (1:47)
03 - Commodores - Machine Gun (2:41)
04 - Bo Diddley - Mona (I Need You Baby) (2:22)
05 - The Clean - Franz Kafka At The Zoo (1:58)
06 - Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman (1:01)
07 - Robyn Hitchcock - My Favourite Buildings (2:50)
08 - The Champs - Tequila (2:11)

Splotchy said...

Oh, just so ya know, I was able to get a hold of everyone's songs thus far.

The mix is really looking awesome, but I just wanted to make a little comment on some of the selections thus far:

sf, thanks for bringing some Django!

dc, thanks for the Crystals song! I actually remarked on a recent mix by beth centered around kissing, that I thought this song was the bee's knees.

lulu, wow, Blue Meanies! In my first ever public musicplaying rock 'n roll gig, we opened up for the Meanies. A couple years later I think I saw them do this particular song, and was cackling with glee as they slid in out of jazz/thrash mode.

Once J.D. submits his selections, this mix will soon be making its way to the teeming masses!

Splotchy said...

Oh, one more thing lulu.

My wife loves you (and your track selections).

J.D. said...

Okay, here I am. First to join, last to submit. Hm... And I made this within an hour of the first comment.

1. Lindsay Lohan, "Frankie & Johnny" (from A Prairie Home Companion)
2. Shigeru Umebayashi, "The Echo Game" (from House of Flying Daggers)
3. KT Tunstall, "Hold On"
4. Jennifer Hudson, "Love You I Do"
5. Kelly Clarkson, "Respect" (from Ella Enchanted)
6. Panic! At the Disco, "The Only Difference Betweeen Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage"
7. Meg & Dia, "Monster"
8. Lisa Simpson and 'Bleeding Gums' Murphy, "Jazz Man" (from "The Simpsons", yes)

A very young mix, ain't it? If you can't find 2, 6, or 8, I'll send them. :)

lulu said...

I'm flattered. I saw Blue Meanies at RiotFest last fall; they're still great!

I have to say that several of these selections were influenced by my friend Toney who makes the best mix CDs ever.

If you're looking for mix ideas, can I suggest songs with killer titles? And if so, I want to play!

Allen Lulu said...

I so want to be a part of this! (beg, beg, beg)