Monday, August 20, 2007

Snotty-Ass Rock 'N Roll - Track Listing

Hi, just a few loose ends to tie up, and GMMP Volume 2, Snotty-Ass Rock 'N Roll, will be available for download.

To tide you over, this is the track listing of the upcoming mix.

01 - Gogol Bordello- I Would Never Wanna Be Young [bigshoulders]
02 - The Ramones - Beat on the Brat [bigshoulders]
03 - PJ Harvey - Who the F*ck? [bigshoulders]
04 - Pixies - Debaser [bigshoulders]
05 - The Clash - Guns of Brixton [bigshoulders]
06 - Morphine - Sharks [bigshoulders]
07 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rich [bigshoulders]
08 - Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot [bigshoulders]
09 - Ween - Piss Up A Rope [chris]
10 - Bobby Darin - Down With Love [chris]
11 - Descendents - Sour Grapes [chris]
12 - Etta James - Losers Weepers (pt. 1) [chris]
13 - Phil Ochs - Love Me, I'm A Liberal [chris]
14 - Rev. Horton Heat - Nurture My Pig! [chris]
15 - They Might Be Giants - Prevenge [chris]
16 - Ben Folds Five - Song For The Dumped [chris]
17 - Iggy Pop - Dog Food [bubs]
18 - Green Day - Platypus [bubs]
19 - Public Image Ltd. - Fodderstompf [bubs]
20 - Lou Reed - Dirt [bubs]
21 - The Cramps - People Ain't No Good [bubs]
22 - Brian Eno - Baby's On Fire [bubs]
23 - Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant [bubs]
24 - X Ray Spex - Oh Bondage, Up Yours [bubs]
25 - Guns 'N Roses - Welcome to the Jungle [flannery alden]
26 - Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit [flannery alden]
27 - Lily Allen - Smile [flannery alden]
28 - Alanis Morissette - You Outta Know [flannery alden]
29 - The Old Crow Medicine Show - Union Maid [flannery alden]
30 - Justin Timberlake - SexyBack [flannery alden]
31 - Destiny's Child - Survivor [flannery alden]
32 - Oasis - Married With Children [flannery alden]
33 - Mekons - Memphis, Egypt [splotchy]
34 - Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke [splotchy]
35 - Devo - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [splotchy]
36 - Beck - Truckdrivin' Neighbor Downstairs (Yellow Sweat) [splotchy]
37 - The Doors - Peace Frog [splotchy]
38 - The Dictators - Two Tub Man [splotchy]
39 - Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso [splotchy]
40 - The Jesus And Mary Chain - I Hate Rock 'N Roll [splotchy]


I mentioned when providing my own snotty list, that there was a Butthole Surfers song that I wanted to include, but I thought people would find too offensive. bigshoulders remarked that he felt like he held back a little bit. Why are we holding back?! This is a snotty mix.

So, I asked each participant to provide a snotty song that they initially didn't include because it was too damned snotty. Listener beware!

41 - Patti Smith Group - Rock N Roll Nigger [bigshoulders-extra snotty]
42 - Ween - Baby Bitch [chris-extra snotty]
43 - The Rotters - Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks [bubs-extra snotty]
44 - Violent Femmes - Add It Up [flannery alden-extra snotty]
45 - Butthole Surfers - 22 Going On 23 [splotchy-extra snotty]

When chris gets back from vacation, I'll ask him for his extra snotty song. Shortly after, the songs should be available.


Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

This mix couldn't have come at a better time for me as I find myself in need of some serious snottiness.

Thanks for letting me join in the fun! Oh, and f*ck off! (I say that with love)

Joe said...

I can't wait to burn this onto CD so I have appropriate soundtrack music for work.

In addition to all the other descriptors that follow "Splotchy"--father, husband, genius--you can now add "public servant."

Splotchy said...

flannery, is it even possible to say "f*ck off" without a feeling of affection?

bubs, I like that. Sounds much better than "deviated prevert".

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...
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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I can't wait to download all those songs. You kids out did yourselves.

bigshoulders said...

I can't wait to read all of my "snotty-ass" bloggers-in-arms comments regarding their song choices. Thanks for letting me be a part of the fun! I enjoyed cobbling this mix together and hope to participate in another one in the future.