Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Illinois State Fair Is Coming! The Illinois State Fair Is Coming!

Being originally from the esteemed capital of Illinois, Springfield, and with familial ties still there, I have a tradition of going down for a weekend visit in August.

I usually go there during one of the weekends of the Illinois State Fair (it runs for 9-10 days).

Often times I won't actually go to the fair during my visit, as at this time of year in Springfield it's usually hot enough to liquefy metal.

But, I think I might go this year. I have a neat idea of a little photography series. Plus, they have these hot bags of sugary donuts that I thoroughly enjoy.

My wife and kids are actually driving down to Springfield on Friday morning. I am going to take an Amtrak train out of Union Station after work, which I am actually excited about.

The train goes through some really beautiful industrial landscapes as it makes its way out of Chicago.

If you want more information regarding all the glory that is the Illinois State Fair (tractor pulls and all), click here.

The Illinois State Fair actually has an intro page which eventually routes you to the above link. The intro page is actually what comes up as the first result when you search for "Illinois State Fair" on Google. If you visit the intro page, I salute your ballsiness. You'll understand what I mean after you visit (hint: you might want to plug in your headphones).


Some Guy said...

I lived in Illinois most of my life and I never went to the state fair.

Some day...

Splotchy said...

More corn dogs for me, I guess.

If you have been to any kind of state fair, don't feel like you have missed out.

Sorghum Crow said...

here's my more or less local fair, but it's a world's fair not a state fair.
Don't forget to have some fried dough. And if I see you in the beer tent, I'll buy you one. (a beer that is, not a tent.)

Splotchy said...

Woo woo, impressive!

I doubt if I can make it up to Vermont, but I appreciate the invitation.

Would I be correct to assume you'll have a cow sculpture made of butter there?

'Cause that is one of the highlights of the Illinois State Fair. Sad, but true.