Wednesday, August 22, 2007

All About The Green Monkey Music Project

An Explanation:

The Green Monkey Music Project (GMMP) is all about the magic of the mixtape, but it's a mixtape with a twist.

Instead of all the selections originating with a single mixologist, GMMP is more of a collaborative effort.

Here's how it works. I announce the rules of an upcoming mix, then ask for participants, who can join as long as there are open slots left.

The participants provide the names of songs (w/artist) honoring the spirit of the mix. I obtain the songs, organize the mix, and publish it on my blog.

The participants have the option of discussing their selections after the mix has been made publicly available (a post on their own blog is the preferred method of this discussion).

Being a participant in a GMMP mix is painless, fun, and you get to share music you love with many fellow music-lovers.

Plus, after you participate in a mix, you get to display this bitchin' badge on your blog:

So, what are you waiting for?

The Mixes Thus Far:

Volume 1: Total Absorption

Volume 2: Snotty-Ass Rock 'N Roll

Volume 3: The Under 3

Volume 4: What's In A Word?

Volume 5: No Speak English

Volume 6: Can't Wait For Halloween

Volume 7: Speed It Up

Volume 8: Geography Pop Quiz [guest-hosted by chris]

Volume 9: ABC

Volume 10: Battle of the Sexes [guest-hosted by beckeye]

Volume 11: Power Pop

Volume 12: Six Degrees [guest-hosted by beth]

Volume 13: Eargasm [guest-hosted by barbara]

Volume 14: Numb3r5

Volume 15: ROYGBIV

Volume 16: The Lenten Mix or "Man, you know this shit's not good for you" [guest-hosted by bubs]

Volume 17: COVER ME!

Volume 18: The Unheard Monkey [guest-hosted by allen lulu]

Volume 19: Gimme That Old Time Music

Volume 20: Food & Drink

Volume 21: Stop Crying and Listen


J.D. said...

It all makes sense now. And I want to do it!

Cup said...

What's the next theme, Green Monkey man?

Splotchy said...

I'll post more details about the next volume a little later, but I'll tell you the title (from which you'll probably figure it out anyways).

The Under 3

J.D. said...

The Under 3... hm...

dguzman said...

oh man, I missed out!

Unknown said...

For the Food and Drink Edition, 4 songs came to mind; choose the one that best fits your audio flow

King Crimson - Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream

Loudon Wainwright III - Down Drinking at the Bar

Jerry Lee Lewis - Drinking Wine Spo Dee O Dee

Frank Zappa (don't tell Tom) - Call Any Vegetable