Thursday, July 19, 2007

And Now I'd Like To Pass The Mic

Enclosed please find a small trip down memory lane, and a little freestyle blrapping.

blrapping - The art of rapping via a blog. Passing the figurative mic is encouraged. (not to be confused with blapping!)

Hey, I think I have coined a word that is more unpleasant to speak/hear than 'blogging'! Kudos to me!

So, you may be happy to learn, I'm nearing the end of the musical novelties of Tim and myself. Shortly after we took the world by storm with our unique take on R.E.M., we turned our sights on the burgeoning world of rap. The song is definitely of its time -- note the Tone Lōc-inspired "Lezzzzdoit" at the beginning.

We were actually trying to be funny at first, and then kind of liked how it was turning out, then tried to make the attempt a little more than half-assed (let's say 3/4-assed).

Click on ---> Bunkatania <--- to hear the song in all its white-boy, low-fi glory. Lyrics included below!

Timeshare bider
Surrounded by spiders
And you always want to solve things
With your supercollider

Imminent danger
Everyone's a stranger
And your only savior
Is away in a manger

Bunk is the word
So kick in the funk

Saturday drivers
Sunday survivors
And problems arise
From the reruns of MacGyver

Always been wishing
But your mind's out fishing
And the guts of your goat
Have the hint of premonition

Bunk is the word
So kick in the funk-AY

Media hell shoot
They're in cahoots
They make it easy
To be led by your manroot

Faceless ballet
Endless relay
You try to make sense
As you crawl down the hallway

You've got a word face
But it ain't gonna last
Your future is present
And your present is past

And Dudes
And Rudes
And Crudes
Take Their Broods
To Find Their Food
(Sears Roebuck Montgomery
Where they buy extra cutlery)

Bunk is the word
So kick in the funk
Bunk is the word
So kick in the funk-AY

Tim and I have a half-finished rap song we started recently. I think it's actually turning out rather nice. We just have the backing tracks right now -- haven't done the rapping thang again, though we do have the beginnings of the lyrics written. I actually decided on a rap name for myself -- King Lids. This was inspired by a visit to Burger King. But wait, stop! Allow me to introduce myself:

I'm King Lids
And I don't wear a belt
I got more gold
Than Hanukkah gelt

Gold like onion rings
My rhymes are fatal
I grow rosemary, thyme
And hydroponic basil

And now I'd like to pass the mic, to my boy Tim, do anything you like!


Chris Hinrichs said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this blog. Well done!

Splotchy said...

Thanks a lot. That's very kind of you to say.

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

I am Mc2
I'm gonna be sick
I pick up puppies
And I light the wick
I make the sun go down in yo pants
Jump back all ya fundies
'Cause j'aime France

Splotchy said...

[turntable scratching]