Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And Now, Sonic Youth

Teenage Riot

Bull In The Heather


Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Thurston Moore uses what's called a "third bridge" on his guitar for the intro/breakdowns in "Bull in the Heather". Apparently, he sticks a screwdriver under the strings. That's what creates those weird chimey overtones. You can read about it here.

Also according to Wikipedia, that's Bikini Kill and Le Tigre singer Kathleen Hanna dancing around in the video. I guess she's wearing speedos over tights. Someone must've said, "Let's see, we need an annoying but cute presence in this video."

Splotchy said...

Cool, man, about the third bridge!

I did notice the over-the-pants underwear or swimsuit that Ms. Hanna was sporting. I like her annoying cuteness.

I love the Teenage Riot video, too. I remember seeing it on MTV's 120 Minutes "back in the day".

That video has so many snippets of different things (William Burroughs, a Patti Smith interview, Pee Wee Herman, Harvey Pekar on Letterman, a KISS concert, etc.), I'm sure they didn't get copyright clearance, and the video is probably not technically available for sale/distribution/viewing.

So God Bless Youtube!

Joe said...

Ah, I remember when "Bull in the Heather" came out. You've gone and made me nostalgic.