Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thirty Percent of Americans Agree - He's Doing A Swell Job

As the leftist pinko liberals that occasionally read my blog probably already know, George W. Bush's approval ratings are regularly hovering around the 30% mark.

These statistics, when applied to the batting average of a Texas Rangers pitcher, aren't bad at all, but Dubya isn't currently a Texas Rangers pitcher.

My question is, who are the people that are still approving of his performance?

I have come up with three groups.

1) The Ultrawealthy
The Bush Administration has been wonderful to the superrich. I am lumping the wealthy CEOs of Enron, Halliburton, etc. in this group. This group would be a larger percentage of the total if corporations were considered pollable human beings in these surveys (this may yet happen -- dare to dream!).

2) Parents of US soldiers
I had never heard of Cindy Sheehan until she started talking about her son Casey who was killed in Iraq. I wouldn't be surprised if she held her tongue about George Bush's policies while her son was still alive. I think that if a parent has a child fighting in a foreign war, they desperately want to believe that the people who sent them had the child's best interests at heart. No matter how many horrible things the Bush Administration does regarding the soldiers -- extending tours of duty, having atrocious hospital conditions, providing incompetent management of a war, etc. -- if my son or daughter were still there in harm's way I would have a really tough time openly criticizing the President.

3) ??????
This is the group that baffles me.


MC said...

I don't know how he keeps getting away with shit. I really don't.

Johnny Yen said...

As of a recent Supreme Court ruling (also known as the "Supreme Court Stacked With Right Wing Hacks"), corporations are now considered people. You should probably then include them in the polls.