Friday, July 20, 2007

Harvey Keitel On Nudity

This and its sister post were inspired by SamuraiFrog. Blame him.

"I've always found it not only easy, but enjoyable. It's necessary for us to reach out and I'm speaking for myself here. I certainly have a sense of responsibility to reach out to these people in the theatre who might look to someone like me for some guidance." 1
-- Harvey Keitel

1 I found this quote out-of-context on the Internet. I can only assume it is related to Keitel's full-frontal nudity in such films as The Piano and The Bad Lieutenant.


Johnny Yen said...

The world will be happy to know that despite seeing "The Bad Lieutanant," I'm not seized by the urge to whack off on a car windshield. Harvey's not that influential on me.

Joe said...


I'm even more disturbed that Harv has a thought-out philosophy behind his nakedness.