Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I was reading some miscellaneous articles and posts about the Iraq War, then shortly after glanced at my gasoline post. Wow, I thought, what dick wrote that?

It just struck me as kind of obnoxious.

I post about lots of pointless things, and don't have any problem doing so, and I know that many bloggers who write very savvy political commentary have no problem also posting risque pictures of Scarlett Johansson -- which is perfectly fine, mind you, when occasionally supplemented with pictures of Carla Gugino, Thora Birch or Adrienne Barbeau (long live brunettes!).

But, posting a little "consumer annoyance" trifle about gasoline when the Iraq War drags on and on, it just seemed a little beyond the pale to me.

So, I'm sorry.


Johnny Yen said...

You have no reason to be sorry-- I thought you made an excellent point-- that it takes a special kind of stupid genius to ensnare the United States in a war in which they're occupying the country that controls something like a quarter of the world's known petroleum reserves, yet ensuring that we can't get access to it because our actions sparked a complicated civil war on that land.

Also, I think that simply the point that gas prices went up is an important one. Yes, folks like you and me, part of the middle class, will absorb the near-tripling of gasoline prices, but the working poor and those who depend on fuel consumption for their living-- cab drivers, truck drivers, movers, etc. are really, really struggling with this. Your points were no trivial at all. And I think that you combine fun and substance very nicely in your blog.

Were your ears burning Saturday night? Kim and I had drinks with Bubs and Mizbubs, and you came up. I think you're well-liked by both those who know you, and those who have only read your blog.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'm kinda partial to brunettes as well.

Splotchy said...

Thanks, jy. My ears were in fact burning on Saturday, but I thought that feeling was self-induced. Glad you have been able to meet with Bubs and MizBubs in the flesh. They're good folk. Maybe at some point we can meet as well.

dr. mvm, since you have some political clout with a certain frog supporter of yours, perhaps you can be ever vigilant that brunettes are well-represented on his hallowed pages. I know I am.

SamuraiFrog said...

Boy, I do post a lot of blondes, don't I? Hmm.

I thought the gasoline post was insightful. I have it marked down to go on my links post this Friday; Johnny says everything else I was going to say.