Monday, July 30, 2007

Shark Mix, 'Cause I'm Just Happy With How It Turned Out

So, I'm happy to report, the mix tape is alive and well.

I have a couple things in mind to post regarding the magic of mix tapes, but this one is just a throw-off 'cause I'm happy how my latest mix tape for the kiddies turned out.

This is the 8th mix tape I've made for the kiddies, which I started making for them sporadically after the initial "Birthday CD" for the twins' second birthday.

After the Birthday CD, there was the Super CD. And then the Rainbow CD. Then, we moved into the world of the "Mix." There was the Monkey Mix, then the Lemur Mix, the Hippo Mix, the Tiger Mix.

Which brings us to the Shark Mix.

Here it is (just song and artist names at this point, but I could post the actual songs at some point if anyone's innerested).

01 - R.E.M. - Stand
I have heard this song so many times, but it's still damned good.

02 - Captain Groovy And His Bubblegum Army - Captain Groovy And His Bubblegum Army
It was on a 60's bubblegum music compilation. My kids heard it, and immediately started saying they were the Bubblegum Army. How can you fight a Bubblegum Army? The answer is, you don't. Besides, they let me be Captain Groovy.

03 - The Who - I Can't Explain
I always loved this simple pop song.

04 - Can - Moonshake
Sneaking in a little Krautrock.

05 - The Stooges - No Fun
I played this for the kids a few times recently. My wife informed me when I got home from work that our two year old, after being told not to do some mischief, loudly stated "No FUN!" to her. What a damn punk!

06 - Clarence Frogman Henry - Ain't Got No Home
This one was courtesy of Johnny Yen. Thanks again!

07 - Donovan - There Is a Mountain
Kinda profound and childlike at the same time. And it mentions caterpillars and butterflies!

08 - Everly Brothers - Illinois
My kids are going to know about the Everly Brothers.

09 - Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
And this is the full version off the somewhat recently-released Loaded double-disc, by golly.

10 - David Bowie - Heroes
This song is great. And it really fits after Sweet Jane. It's one of them magical mix tape transitions I never question, I just accept.

11 - Shonen Knife - Top Of The World
My kids loved the Shonen Knife song I put on from the Powerpuff Girls album. They recognized the band when they first heard this song.

12 - The Pogues - Gartloney Rats
My elder son in particular goes freaking crazy when this song comes on. It's like he is being possessed by the Lord of the Dance himself.

13 - Smiths - Ask
Another sweet song, and a sweet mix tape transition. I played the video for the kiddies before, and they liked it.

14 - CCR - Bad Moon Rising
I played the hell out of a 45 of this when I was a kid. Hopefully they'll like it too.

15 - Some Ridiculously Long Artist Name - Bubble Gum Music
I'm too lazy to look for the real name of the artist of this song, but it's the same guys behind Ohio Express. I am a total sucker for 1960's bubblegum music. And yes, "Chewy Chewy" was on the very first mix CD I made for the kiddies.

16 - Beastie Boys - Shadrach
I don't think there are any swear words in this song. I don't think there are. I hope there aren't.

17 - The Primitives - Crash
Great 80's pop song.

18 - Pylon - This,That
Continuing with some more catchy 80's pop.

19 - Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic
I'm wondering if this will be too heavy. Hopefully not. I have had to re-edit some of the later mixes, mostly due to my daughter having a severe reaction to a song or songs on the mix (note to self: NO MORE SUFJAN STEVENS).

20 - R.E.M. - Disturbance At The Heron House
Prolly my favorite R.E.M. song. I don't know why. It just clicks for me.

21 - Method Actors - Halloween
I have thought about including this on a mix for a long time, and finally broke down.

22 - Buddy Holly - Learning the Game
A mix tape for the kids, without Buddy Holly? Surely, you jest. Holly got a lot of play in our house when the kiddies were younguns, but this track wasn't on the CD I had. This was actually put together posthumously -- Holly's bandmates laid down some tracks to complement the original recording which just had Holly and his guitar.

23 - Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman
My daughter is going to love singing with the chorus kicking in at the end, I'm certain.

24 - Weissberg, Mandell & Brickman - Dueling Banjos
I was thinking the kids might not like this in the thick of things, being an instrumental where the first large chunk of the song is just a slow buildup. Thought I'd slip it in at the end.


Cup said...

Brilliant mix tape, Splotchy! A good, eclectic mix. May I have a copy?

Some Guy said...

Yeah, great! Good to get the kids into Donovan. He's a big ol' cheeseball, but one of my favorites.

Splotchy said...

beth, if that site you use to host your songs is free, I'll go ahead and create an account there and post the actual songs soon.

chris, I agree completely! And Donovan actually made a prior appearance in a previous kiddie mix tape -- "Season of the Witch".

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You're goign to have the coolest kids on planet earth. The only thing my dad played for us was ray Stevens and Kate freaking Smith.

Splotchy said...

thanks, dr mvm. Now I have got "The Streak" stuck in my head.