Monday, January 7, 2008

2008 Verbs

Here they are, your 2008 verbs:

1. suss
2. whittle
3. conflate
4. hunker
5. gyrate
6. chortle
7. grimace
8. addle
9. yammer
10. acquiesce
11. piddle
12. smack
13. outspend
14. limp
15. cogitate
16. spearhead
17. nudge
18. play
19. warble
20. bump


Unknown said...


Some Guy said...

For the longest time, the guy I work with would say "warble" when he meant "wobble". He'd say that something looked "warbly" if it looked unstable. Dummy.

Diamond Dave Diggler said...

By the choice of words, I'm guessing 2008 is the year of the cowboy.

Splotchy said...

wyldth1ng, no no, adjectives are tomorrow!

chris, I find that mispronunciation endearing. If you see that dummy, give him a hug for me!

CTC, I reckon.

dguzman said...

Ain't gonna bump no more with no big fat woman.

Anonymous said...

I chortled when I read this. You have some fab verbs here.