Friday, January 11, 2008

I Have To Admit, Netflix Is Quite Nifty

I don't know that I'll devote a space to regularly recount or review DVDs I have watched from Netflix, but I would like to express my happiness thus far with getting movies in the mail.

So far, I have watched You're Gonna Miss Me, a great documentary about one of my favorite musical artists, Roky Erickson.

I am watching Season 1 of the BBC Helen Mirren series Prime Suspect. As the first episode on Disc 1 ended, MizSplotchy turned to me and asked me if I thought the case Mirren's character was working on would probably take the rest of the season to solve, to which I excitedly replied, "I don't know!" Soon after we finished Disc 1, I moved Disc 2 up to the top of my queue. I was happily surprised to see a young Ralph Fiennes, as well as Tom Wilkinson, who played Mirren's boyfriend. Having only seen Wilkinson play roles in movies like In The Bedroom and Batman Begins, I was surprised that he was a British actor with one of them British accents. Oh, those cuddly Brits and their adorable accents.

So much goodness is ahead -- Jacques Tourneur spooky films, Jean-Pierre Melville film noirs, some documentaries recommended by Chris, some older horror movies, over-the-top Japanese action movies, boy howdy.

Movies is good.


Some Guy said...

Glad you're liking it, Splotch! Keep me posted if you see anything I should add to my queue.

Rider said...

I've been a subscriber to Netflix for years now, but lately I've had a specific problem with them. I wrote about it last night.

Coaster Punchman said...

Yes, but Netflix is a cruel mistress. Eventually she will grow weary of you and your relationship will get stale; you'll forget about each other for weeks on end. Then you'll see the writing on the wall and dump her. Not long after that, however, she'll write you every other day, begging you take her back for only $4.99 a month. You'll want to believe her but you'll never be sure she means what she says.

I'll be there to help pick up the pieces. All you have to do is ask.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been hearing lots of good stuff about Netflix, including hints from the Resident Offspring that we need to subscribe.