Friday, January 4, 2008

The Environment, And Ways To Prevent It From Going Down The Toilet

FranIAm a-tagged me with this, a new year's resolution of sorts.

Try to think of one way you and your family can lessen your environmental impact in 2008. You could consider doing something relatively easy--like giving up paper plates and napkins (yup, more dishes and laundry, but oh so worth it at trash-time)--or more difficult--like trying to carpool more (which can be a pain, but saves a ton in gas money, not to mention in saved emissions). It doesn't have to be hard--it could be something as simple as trying one of those new fluorescent bulbs in your desk lamp. How about it?

Being in a family with three younguns, I often feel like we are an unstoppable garbage-producing monster.

We're slowly replacing the tungsten bulbs in the house with energysaver ones. We recycle plastic, paper and metal already. I take the train to work. We keep the thermostat at reasonable temps in the summer and winter. I am an empty-room electricity hardass; I'm always turning lights off when a room is unoccupied.

I don't know what the hell I can do. I guess the best thing I could do is to really make an attempt at learning about other ways to conserve energy and resources besides the small steps we have been routinely doing for years -- something I have never heard of or tried.

When will I be able to purchase a hybrid minivan dagnabit?


Diamond Dave Diggler said...

Just feel guilty about it. It works for me. ;)

Fran said...

Whiskey Marie left a comment at my place that said, if we are all trying something, then we are doing something.

Well I think most of us are really trying. And many great things are made up of lots of small actions.

Splotchy, are you my husband? Sometimes I leave a room for a second and boom... that light is so off!

Freida Bee said...

I am drueling in such momly fashion over that hybrid minivan myself, as well.

I have promised my in two months 15 year-old that she will be recieving an electric scooter in lieu of a car when it time for her to drive.

dguzman said...

Nice work!