Wednesday, January 30, 2008

There Will Probably Be Blood

I still haven't seen There Will Be Blood -- I will eventually, I suppose.

Some alternative titles for the movie, from my brain to yours.

1. There Might Be Blood
2. There's Gonna Be Blood
3. Blood, Ahoy!
4. There Was Some Blood There, You Must Have Just Missed It
5. Lots Of The Red Stuff
6. A High Likelihood Of Blood
7. Might There Be Blood?
8. Blood Is An Absolute Certainty
9. If Blood Is Your Thing, I Have Some Good News For You
10. Yes, Blood
11. Bloody Thereness
12. Upton Sinclair's Oil, Which Actually Is Mostly Made Up Of Blood
13. That's Not Marinara Sauce


Boldly Serving Up Wheat Grass said...

Maybe it could star Hugh Grant & be called "Blood, Actually"?

McGone said...

Could there also be "The Hills Have Blood"?

Diamond Dave Diggler said...

#9 made me laugh out loud and people looked at me.

Diamond Dave Diggler said...

P.S. Blowing shit up with gas has got to be the COOLEST name I've ever seen.

BeckEye said...

We're on the same wavelength today. I finally posted a stupid joke about that movie that runs through my head every time I see the movie poster that's across the street from my office building.

Of course, you wouldn't notice this because you never come to my blog anymore.

There Will Be Guilt.

Manx said...


This is the funniest thing I've read all day!

You had me with #9 as well.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

How about "do you have a spare tampon"?

dguzman said...

So there will be blood, right? But will there be sweat? How about tears?

Splotchy said...

bsuwg, YES!

mcgone, YES!

CTC, I am glad my blog was able to cause you some social awkwardness.

CTC, and I agree, it don't get much better than BSUWG.

beckeye, I never would avoid a good menstrual joke.

manx, thanks.

barbara, that's Beckeye's niche of humor. I would not infringe on her copyright.

d, maybe some bile.