Monday, January 14, 2008

The Writers' Strike Is Killing Infotainment

...And I for one would like to thank the writers.

I caught some of the Golden Globes awards "show" last night on NBC. It puts the superfluousness of these awards in perspective when all the winners are announced in a spartan broadcast anchored by Access Hollywood fluffsters Nancy O'Dell and Billy Bush. Apparently, there was a press conference by the Hollywood Foreign Press carried live on other networks that was broadcast in advance of NBC's show. I guess I was getting unnecessarily secondhand information from people I would be leery of asking for driving directions.

No glitz, no celebrities, just the occasional asinine comment from Billy Bush ("Entourage is a boutique show"?). By the way, I am considering using "Billy Bush!" as an interjection. And yes, according to his Wikipedia entry, he is related to Dubya. I feel like I have to tie this post into politics in some manner for all you Bush/Cheney scenesters that read this blog.

I think the only thing the 65th Golden Globes Reading-The-Winners ceremony was missing was the occasional cutaway of a leering Jack Nicholson in dark shades. I'd like to imagine he was at his kitchen table grinning widely at his TV. Oh, Jack, you devil!


Fran said...

I agree wholeheartedly- no painful awards shows.

However, this strike is killing the economy of LA and I am being completely serious. This is some bad shite overall.

Splotchy said...

I'm just a-trying to find the silver lining. Always the silver lining.