Monday, January 14, 2008

Arcade Quiz (Swords 'N Sorcery)

I'm going to strike while the iron is still hot!

It's time for another arcade sound quiz! This may very well be the last one (but one never knows, I guess).

All of these games share a common theme.

Each game has some degree of medieval swords 'n sorcery flavor. If you knew any geeks in high school that were into Dungeons and Dragons, or you yourself were that geek, there's something for you in each of these games.

I'll give you the year the game came out, along with the sound sample.

May King Arthur himself guide your fair steed! What, too much?

Sword 1 (1982)
One of my all-time favorite games. If I would have waited around a little longer in the sound sample, you would have heard a scary-ass pterodactyl.

Sword 2 (1983)
This wasn't a joystick game -- it was point-and-shoot. I sucked at it. 'Nuff said.

Sword 3 (1985)
Not only did I suck horribly at this game, but everybody else did too. The makers of this game should be kicked in the shins for how hard they made it.

Sword 4 (1985)
This is a fun multiplayer game (up to four people at once!). I'm not sure if it was cool to be the Elf or not. I probably watched other people play the game more than playing it myself.

Sword 5 (1987)
I was really terrible at this game, but it was kind of addictive. For some reason, one of the monsters you had to fight threw juggling pins at you. I still have no idea why.

Sword 6 (1989)
I had a lot of fun playing this game, though its sequel was even more fun. And you haveta love those death screams. Oh, baybee!


Answers posted!


Diamond Dave Diggler said...

I didn't realize until after listening to all these how little I played adventure type games. Most of these are familiar, but they don't jump into my head like the fighting games.

1). Don't even have to listen to the sound... from the scary pterodactyl line... it's gotta be "Joust"

2). Familiar, but no

3). again, very familiar, but not coming to me.

4). "Wizard needs food, badly!" I was always watching people too! I saw them dumping in the quarters and just couldn't bring myself to join in when Tempest was just around the corner. "Gauntlet"

5). And again, a very familiar sound... nothing there.

6). Geez... this one is right there... bad day for me. Sorry

Splotchy said...

CTC, good on #1 and #4! I think the quarter-eaterness of Gauntlet was my main reason for not playing, too.

This might be the hardest of the quizzes, in that these kinds of games aren't as popular as fighting and shooting games.

In some ways that's kinda cool, so I can feature some games people might have forgotten about.

Randal Graves said...

Oh hell, the only one I knew was Gauntlet, and cowboy the cat already beat me to it. I'm either getting very old, or didn't play as many of these games as I can recall.

Evil Evil Genius said...

By far the toughest one yet. I loved Joust too. Definitely top 5. A far superior choice than having to interact with my peers whilst at the roller rink.

Number 4 is the old Guantlet which I never played, because it seemed to complicated, intense, and as noted- everyone watches you. They had the new Gauntlet at on laundromat I used to frequent in Chicago. I had an endless supply of quarters and you could save your progress. I beat the dragon at the end and could have sent in for a tee shirt. Having spent that much time and money was embarrassing enough without having physical evidence.

And I don't recognize the sounds, but based on your description I have to say #3 is Dragon's Lair. Rivaled only by Zaxxon for being too hard to even enjoy, but so cool you had to keep trying.

Evil Evil Genius said...

My comment above is missing the following letters:o,e. Please excuse my typos.