Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Majority Of My Blog Has Collapsed Into A Single Line, The Future Of My Blog Is Uncertain

To people who have been blogging across multiple calendar years, moving into 2008 was probably not that big a deal.

But to me, someone who just started blogging in 2007, suddenly all the posts I have completed thus far have all been folded into a single "2007" line on my sidebar. I'm experiencing the same feeling I would get when I would enter a new month of blogging and leave the previous month collapsed, except for some reason this time the feeling is around twelve times as strong. There is probably a way of configuring my blog so everything isn't collapsed, but don't worry -- I have resigned myself to this collapsosity already.

My doodling days might be behind me. A long time ago it stopped being about the doodle -- now it's more about the drugs and the sex and the booze. Where did it all go wrong? Enjoy your doodle, Dale. It may be the last doodle I doodily-do.

MizSplotchy got us a subscription to Netflix for Christmas. With a constant influx of awesome movies, will I still brave the urban jungle of LaGrange for my Two Buck Schmuck feature?

The iSplotchy campaign has stalled. I have a reasonably clever idea on how to steal GKL from the clutches of her running mate Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein, but I am so bad and lazy at Photoshop that it likely won't ever happen. And if it doesn't happen, that's pretty much it for the iSplotchy. Paging, Dr. Zaius!

Here are some things I would like to get done in 2008, which may or may not be interesting to readers of this blog:

  • Complete some music for the soundtrack of a short film for my NOLA traveling buddy Andy

  • Start and finish a 15 minute short film from a script I have written

  • Start or join a rock 'n roll band and play a couple gigs

  • An incredibly cool themed week on this blog that I don't want to give any hints as to what it is, because it will be difficult to pull off, but boy if I do, it's going to rock your freaking socks off

Assuming I get it off the ground, the short film will take up a huge chunk of my time for the year. Right now the film seems more of a dream than a reality, but by declaring an intent on this blog to do something has so far helped me with my follow through, so here's hoping it does the same for me here.

I would appreciate that no calamitous events occur which completely derail my plans. Not so much that I don't like a curveball thrown my direction every once in a while, it's just that I'm not particularly fond of calamitous events.

Besides my goals for 2008, I'll probably continue to share assorted bits from my life. For example, at an activity room in the Illinois State Museum over this past weekend, my daughter was looking at things through a magnifying glass. I asked her, "How does that look through the magnifying glass?" to which she replied, "Bigger."

Yours in hopeful uncertainty,



Synthaetica said...

i am certain that your uncertainty regarding the uncertainty of your blog is certainly uncertain.

or, at least, i think so....

you just keep blogging. we need people like you.

me, i'm an expendable jackass.

you? not so much.

congrats and happy bloggy birfdee!

Unknown said...

I think your daughter has it right. Look at life through a magnifier, in fact I bought some magnifier glasses they're much easier to carry than a clunky glass.

I can see things. Books are bigger, computers screens are bigger and well bigger is so obviously better.

lulu said...

The future of your blog had better be certain, or at least almost certain; it's one of the first ones I read every day!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

We've all come to love you through this blog, don't break up with us please. (Crap, did that come off as needy?)

Fran said...

Crap - this should come off as needy!

Splotchy we hardly knew ye!

However, at some level I do understand, as once I become gainfully employed again (which must happen soon) I will have to scale back at the very least.

I have the utmost respect for you, so whatever you do, I will utmostly respect you for it. (why did that sound so funny in my mind but look so flat here??)

Seriously- do what you must Splotchy, but know this. I tagged you last night. Deep sigh.

You did say optimism and your plans are just that, so I wish you well.

But I did tag you!

Dale said...

It's me isn't it? Just tell me Splotchy. First, I played along on the Green Monkey Music Project and then it got shut down. I loved my doodle and now you can't do that anymore. Vote me off but you stay! The island needs you.

Dale said...

It's me isn't it? Just tell me Splotchy. First, I played along on the Green Monkey Music Project and then it got shut down. I loved my doodle and now you can't do that anymore. Vote me off but you stay! The island needs you.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Don't worry, I'm sure iSplotchy ver will be ready to take it's place by the time your short film is complete.

And word on the street is that Zaius can be hired, for a price.

Freida Bee said...

Splotch- I understand on the gotta get a life front, but cannot imagine doing nothing, maybe just less and I can't imagine a life without a Splotchy. I shall be modeling my iSplotchy $hoodie soon! and think it and my new boots the most appropriate attire for my up and coming Goldfinger performance, depending on how long it takes me to build the confidence to sing terribly in public. I at least watched the video to get to know the song. Like the most difficult to sing ever song. I'm not sure how far I am willing to go in humiliating myself here, but I don't seem to have reached that point yet, so we'll see. My new year is to be filled with no promises, unless it is not.

dguzman said...

Ah, Splotchy, don't let the vagaries of blogger page design get you down. You can stop doodling (I guess), but I need a daily infusion of Splotch!

Distributorcap said...


i am not an actor but i play one in the movies --- if you need someone for you 15 minutes of fame short

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

I know you'll get your film done. I know you'll rock our socks off. I still can't find mine from the last time. So, while you find yourself, I'll find my socks and prepare to be rocked.

Dr. Zaius said...

What did you have in mind? I am always ready for a photoshopportunity.

zaius_nation AT yahoo DOT com

Splotchy said...

Ah, I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be all dramatic and stuff and saying "is this dah end of Splotchy?".

I just have a couple features I thought might go away, and after those NOLA posts and the turning of the year, etc., I'm just not certain what to post.

Plus all the holidays and stuff are draining and everything.

Splotchy said...

co other, thanks for the kind words.

mathman, magnifier glasses... I may be in the market for some of those, if I can get a bitchin' silver chain to hang them from.

lulu and dr mvm, fear not, I still have plenty of twaddle to stuff in the various crevices of the Internet.

franiam, I'll get to the tag as soon as possible. That's a really difficult thing to think about, and one I haven't honestly considered as much as I should.

dale, I may just have to do one more doodle to ease your troubled mind. It's not you -- it's all SamuraiFrog's fault, utterly and completely.

GKL, your words encourage both myself and the iSplotchy.

freida b, if you could model the iSplotchy, that might rejuvenate an ailing campaign. Now if I can just somehow get Chuck Norris involved as well... And there's nothing humiliating about singing "Goldfinger" in public, except for the people there who realized they didn't take the opportunity to sing it themselves.

d, I'll do my best to provide enough dosage to satisfy any Splotchy junkies, though from what I hear, Methadone is also an acceptable alternative.

dc, not to give too much of the plot away, but how do you feel about male nudity (bareass, not full frontal)?

flannery a, I thank you and your socks.

dr z, I'll float my idea your way and see if you're interested. Whether you are or aren't, thanks for listening.

SamuraiFrog, I was kidding... You know I love ya.

Dr. Zaius said...

"...all the posts I have completed thus far have all been folded into a single '2007' line on my sidebar."

I looked into your problem a little bit, and I found that the collapsed link marked "2007 (688)" only covers December 2007. None of your earlier posts seem to be missing, though. [ 1, 2, 3 ]

I believe that you need to go to Blogger> Dashboard: Manage Your Blogs> I, Splotchy> Settings> Archiving> Archive Frequency, and then change this setting to "Monthly." I think that you have it set to "No Archieve." If that does not work, there is a Blogger help forum you can go and post your problem to.

BeckEye said...

Happy New Year, Splotch. I just joined Netflix too. I have an interesting mix coming to me today or tomorrow - "Wild Hogs," "Trainspotting" and "Superbad." All I know is that at some point this weekend, I'll be looking at Ewan McGregor's penis, so the weekend is looking pretty good right about now.

Splotchy said...

dr z, it wasn't really a technical problem per se, it just the fact that all my posts are now collapsed into a single line, after all the work I put into them. But it's okay.

beckeye, I hope the weekend worked out okay with Ewan McGregor's penis.