Wednesday, January 23, 2008

There Is A Band In My Computer!

So, I have been sitting on my ass and not writing music for my friend NOLA Andy's movie.

I have no excuse. Well, I am kind of hesitant to dive in with technologies. I did some music some months back with Tim, where we were recording on a PC using Ableton, a piece of software that completely baffled me. (Tim did all the recording tech stuff.)

Now that the Splotchy household has a Macbook laptop, I thought I'd check out some software that came with it -- GarageBand. So, I finally got around to fiddling with it (did I mention that I am also a notorious procrastinator?).

It's a lot of fun to play around with stuff in GarageBand, and the application is pretty darned intuitive to use. I was able to use the built-in mic to record several acoustic guitar parts very easily -- I'm sure some audiosnob would scoff at my using the built-in mic, but it didn't sound bad to me. I ran the guitars through some filters, added a drumbeat and some handclaps, and voilĂ ! Instant song!

Here's what I did, if you wanna hear -- it's only a little over two minutes. I recorded the song with the intent of it being used for Andy's soundtrack -- something with a nice beat but which also wouldn't overwhelm any accompanying visuals.

It's in M4A (iTunes) format -- apologies in advance if you're lookin' for an MP3.

Splotchy - Da Da Da Dah Dah


Rider said...

I enjoyed it. In my mind I pictured it being used over the opening credits in a teen comedy, with the main character riding his bike past supporting characters in a John Hughes-like comedy. Then again, I'm an idiot.

Some Guy said...

Very nice. I couldn't help clapping along,too. Now the guy I work with thinks I'm cuckoo.

Manx said...

Your music's bad and you should feel bad.

I kid.

I agree with rider. I had about the same kind of image in my head when I listened to it. Keep it up!

PJ said...

Good stuff, I could imagine a driving scene in the OC.

I've been messing around with Garageband recently, it's the easiest way for a non-musician to make something which sounds like actual music.

Splotchy said...

Thanks for a lot for listening, and for all the very kind comments.

Tantra Flower said...

I Loved it. Happy music. :)